Saturday, 20 September 2008

After the debacle ....the whitewash begins

Well, what a momentous week! It started with the 'invincible' Lehman Brothers going bust and moved on through AIG and HBOS, not to mention Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs - both of which are still reputed to be in trouble.

But it gets even better because after the $200 billion bail out of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac we now have the US government planning to buy up all those toxic mortgages to the tune of $700 billion dollars! How they have managed to come up with that figure I don't know, but it may be more, just as Lloyds TSB's takeover of HBOS my yet run into difficulties. That makes George W Bush just about the biggest socialist in history. Of course American citizens are right to be worried about where all this is going to lead. We are not out of the woods yet.

In the UK, Robert Peston the BBC's Business Editor said - "The UK's unsustainable economic dependence on the City and financial services is coming home to roost." But who has been Chancellor for most of that period? None other than Prime Minister Gordon himself. And Gordon has been hamming it up this week trying to absolve himself of any blame. In fact, he is trying to take the credit for the buy out of HBOS by Lloyds TSB, something which may well yet rebound on him. But lets look at what Gordon has done since the collapse of Northern Rock a whole year ago .... er ... exactly zip, zilch, zer0 ... er ..... one big fat NOTHING. Only now, after the wheels have finally come off, has Gordon, on the eve of a Labour Party conference, said he will do what it takes to sort out the mess. Oh, well, that's alright then.

You can bet Bush, Blair. Brown, Bernanke, McCain, Greenspan et al will all be doing their level best in the coming months to airbrush their role in this debacle out of history. But if the panelists of BBC Radio Four's Any Questions have their way it will be a very easy task. When Friday's panel was asked whose fault the meltdown of the financial system was - Bridget Roswell, who, apparently, is an economist, said that it was the "fault of all of us". Well thank you Bridget, now we know. It was our fault that thousands of dodgy mortgages were sold in the USA (and UK), it was our fault that governments did the bankers bidding and deregulated the financial system , and it was our fault that regulators did nothing. Now I guess it is 'our fault' that we are having to stump up billions of taxpayers money to prop up the fat cats. Of course non of the other panelists, including Menzies Campbell, had either the guts or gumption to challenge Bridget's erroneous view. No Bridget, it wasn't 'our' fault it was the fault of the aforementioned individuals, the fat cats of Capitalism and their flunkeys.

I tell you what - it is our fault, though. It is our fault that we have tolerated the politicians and financiers that have lead us into this mess. Its time for change. Join the Green Party and help make that change happen.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I can agree that the Green Party will have the "answer" to this - any more than the Socialist Party. We all need to get to the crux of the problem, and that's that "money makes the world go round" allegedly....

It's clear, though, that whatever goes wrong yes its our own fault.... The fact that inflation is rising is our fault. The massively inflated house prices we've enjoyed (or, rather, endured) for so long must be our fault. The fact that some of us will go into debt to buy the goods we're brainwashed into thinking we need.....yes, that's our fault too!!

So it must be our fault that the money speculators have fouled up. We're culpable for everything else!!

Hannah Sell was on the Jeremy Vine show on Thursday; have a listen?

In reality, what you say and what I say here are not worlds apart. Bar the fact that you don't like the name Socialist Party. The term Green Party holds no sway with me, either.

I think we need a broad left coalition of socialism to work together, as the reality is, the money-grubbing Tories are on their way in unless we stand up and fight back. And we can do that together!



Anonymous said...

I think Labour have shown their true colours; Gordon Browns spell as Chancellor led us into this mess. And we're being expected to bale out the moneymakers who lived off ther massive profits they made.
I've had enoubh of the mainstream political parties; I think they're all a disgrace. But I don't know that Green would do it for me either.

Howard Thorp said...

Hi Glenn

I agree that we all need to work together on the left to promote an alternative to the current economic order and strike while the 'iron is hot' We have a real opportunity to make the case for change



Howard Thorp said...


take a look at the Green New Deal []
and our website to see the alternative we offer.

Happy to discuss further