Thursday, 26 February 2009

An Open Letter to Howard Jacobson

This is my response the Howard Jacobson's post on CiF today:


just accept that there are many of us here who deplore and detest what the Israelis are doing. We don't defend Palestinian violence, but we do accept the right of Palestinians to defend themselves against Israeli aggression and oppression.

Defending yourself does not mean you are a terrorist. There is a war in the occupied territories and it is stones and (inaccurate) rockets against phosphorous bombs and flechettes.

What is being played out here is a great tragedy but one which is largely of the Israelis own making. 60+ years of illegal occupation, illegal settlements, unjustified aggression against the Lebanese and 'Gazans'. The list goes on and on....

Gaza is a massive prison little better than Guantanamo. If I lived there I would probably be firing rockets - what would I have to lose? - nothing at all - because I would have nothing anyway.

The Israelis don't want a Palestinian state, even a statelet, and they're backing themselves into a corner. At this rate the Israelis will have no sympathy left - anywhere - and it will be entirely their own fault.

This oppression is producing a corrupted, rotten society in Israel, one which Jews and non-Jews alike should be condemning unreservedly.

That is not anti-Semitism!



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