Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Age of Stupid

I don't usually promote or review films or books on this blog but this is a special case. The Age of Stupid is a film where the action takes place in 2055, on an earth ravaged by climate change. Pete Poselthwaite stars as a man living alone who looks back at archive footage of 2008 and wonders why we didn't do more to combat climate change.

He is not alone. There are many of us now who wonder why so little action is being taken by our government, and other governments. We have a climate change minister and bill and the promise of 'green' jobs being created by the government, but little in the way of positive change. What's more the government appears to want to renew 'business as usual' which not only means fat cats snouts in the trough but an endless quest for growth which the environment cannot sustain.

Hopefully, The Age of Stupid will influence more of the undecided that they need to adapt their lives by reducing carbon outputs, developing more local, resilient economies and demanding real government action.

The Age of Stupid premiere's on Sunday 15th March and can be viewed in cinemas around the country.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hint. Will keep an eye out for it - read a review and it looked bleak, so mit's proba telling tale