Saturday, 5 June 2010

Not such a bad week for the Israelis after all

Surely some mistake? Hasn't the Israeli government been roundly condemned for its recent murderous attack on vessels carrying aid to Gaza? But ever since the attack, which resulted in the deaths of nine aid activists, the Israeli propaganda machine and its allies have swung into action - and very effective it is too. We have been told that poor special forces soldiers, armed to the teeth with automatic weapons, were attacked by vicious activists wielding iron bars. The aggressors and killers have become the victims. It's a total distortion of the truth, a bit like saying that the victims of the Cumbrian gunman Derrick Bird deliberately threw themselves in front of the bullets he fired so that he would become a serial killer.

The Israeli forces committed an act of piracy on the high seas and the occupants of the vessels they stormed were perfectly, if foolishly, entitled to defend themselves. What's shocking about this whole episode is not just the deaths of the activists but the way the British media, lead by Israeli cheerleaders the BBC, have supinely swallowed the Israeli propaganda. For some years now the Israelis have been mounting a very successful campaign to persuade the world that they are the victims and the Palestinians are the aggressors and an awful lot of people have swallowed that big, fat juicy lie. The truth is that the Israelis are the aggressors and the Palestinians the victims. On the one side we have a state with one of the most powerful armies in the world, nuclear weapons, a navy and F16 fighters. On the other side we have people throwing stones, fighters with small arms, and home made rockets. Yes, it literally is David and Goliath. We know who David is and it's not the Israelis. We are repeatedly told that the Israelis have the right to defend themselves but apparently the Palestinians do not.

How have the Israelis managed to be so successful in this? Well, there are several factors; one is the disarray and decline of the left; another is the very well oiled propaganda machine; but perhaps the most important is the relentless bullying of opponents by the Israelis and their supporters. Anyone who criticises Israeli actions is condemned as an anti-semite - a very convenient and effective way of smearing and silencing critics.

Gaza is nothing more than a massive prison where the Palestinians are corralled and made to live in a state of poverty, deprivation and humiliation. No wonder they elected a government like Hamas. Its is to the eternal credit of the Palestinians that they have refused to bow to Israeli domination despite 60 years of this treatment. It's a disgrace to world community that this appalling situation has been allowed to continue for so long. Al Qaeda and Hamas are the creations of the Americans and Israelis. Whether groups like Hamas and Hezbollah will be the undoing of Israel in the long run remains to be seen. If they are the Israelis will have no one to blame but themselves.

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Anonymous said...

I agree - it's a disgrace and international pressure must be applied to resolve this situation