Saturday, 19 February 2011

George Osborne isn't Working

I went to the UKuncut demo in Knutsford today. It was the usual clever UKuncut approach, mocking Osborne based on the famous Labour isn't Working poster created for the Tories by Saatchi & Saatchi in the 1979 general Election. The poster was credited with helping the Tories win. The demo took place at George's constituency office in Knutsford. Unfortunately George wasn't in. I guess he was probably dining with Bob Diamond the chief of Barclay's bank who must be celebrating their record profits and 1% corporation tax.

The demo was featured on Granada Reports which is a good result but a slightly disappointing turnout. I would estimate that there were just less than 100 people participating - we could have done with a couple of thousand. Nonetheless it was all good stuff and well worth going. We need to build on these demos and keep up the pressure on the Coalition, which is feeling distinctly uncomfortable at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I missed this on Granada & no wonder. It's not esp wellsupported and there were prob as many voluntrees working at the National Trust in Tatton Park as on this demo! Never mind - George won't lose sleep this time....but maybe next time. The starting step is always the hardest.

Where are you on this anyway? Camera man or holding a banner??


JL Brown said...

I think you are being a bit harsh. The event did take place in Knutsford - not a nored red base - and was a symbolic action. It did show that even in feudal Mid Cheshire people were beginning to stir.
I was impressed by the range of issues that were concerning people eg closure of Children's Centres, NHS pillaging, sell off of forests. It must also have been one of the first times that Socialist papers were being sold in the town.
Some other strikng features were the lack of hostility from passing drivers and pedestrians and the calm policing.
What we need to consider now is how we can increase momentum so the Messers Osborne, Evans and O'Brien do start to get sleepless nights. Perhaps the Greens and Labour could organise a pro -NHS event in sleepy hollows Northwich. After all Danebrige GPs have volunteered to pilot commissioning.

Howard Thorp said...

JL - any event in Northwich would be a good idea and I'd be up for getting involved.

Are you on Facebook? If so you should join our Cheshire West against the cuts page. CWac is moving very slowly and needs an injection of umph!!/home.php?sk=group_107523119315580&ap=1

JL Brown said...

Not on Facebook. Must be an age thing!
On action, I'm told by the Patients' Participation Group for Danebridge that the GP Commissioners are planning to hold a meeting in the Memorial Hall sometime in April to tell us about their intentions. That may be an opportunity to get things going.
Incidently the PPG do not know what their role might be under commissioning but have been told they will have one.

Howard Thorp said...

We need to get more momentum in the anti-cuts campaign locally hopefully the demo on the 26th will help.

In the meantime you could sign the petition -

We hope to have a website up and running soon.

You are never to old to join Facebook.