Saturday, 19 March 2011

One law for the rich and another for the rest of us

I've been blogging since last May about how this is essentially a class war government. Tory governments usually are. The Tories have always had a very sharp sense of who their friends are and where their interests lie. They always look after the interests of their class by bashing workers, defending property rights, increasing privatisation and lowering taxes. These are all things which benefit the rich at the expense of the rest of us. They are of direct advantage to people like Cameron and Osborne.

These things are usually done under the guise of economic necessity, to "stimulate growth" or to appease "the market". If people really understood how unfair this all really is and how feather-bedded and protected the rich are the Tories would probably never get elected again - but so far they have got away with it by pretending there is a level playing field.

However, the Tories have recently made it quite clear that if you are rich - you get special treatment. No hint of a pretence of equality here. In the new immigration rules, announced this week, you can't come into the UK if you are poor, but if you are rich we'll now welcome you with open arms. If you have the odd £5 million you can stay here permanently after three years, if you have £10 million it only takes two years.

Apparently, estate agents in London are already getting interest in this cunning ruse from wealthy foreigners. Now we can expect a flood of immigrants, most of who will probably be escaping the dodgy dictatorships where they made their gains. But where will all these people be accommodated? Don't worry. The government's changes to housing benefit rules will ensure that the poor are socially cleansed from inner London, making room for this new influx. Once again, in their historic mission to benefit the rich, and increase inequality and social division, the Tories have triumphed.

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Anonymous said...

Quite - and I hope you'll be moving your lard to get to London for the TUC march on Sat? The more the merrier!!!