Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Support the strike action by public sector workers on June 30th! You can visit this website to find out more about the actions planned next Thursday - http://www.j30strike.org

Everyone who is not capitalist class, unlike Cameron and Osborne, should support the public sector worker's strike action on Thursday June 30th. This isn't just an attack on pensions its part of a wider attack on the living standards of all of us - except the very wealthiest in our society. That means an attack on you!

You should support this strike action in any way you can because:

1. Decent public and private sector pensions are NOT unaffordable - see here.
For far too long the right have got away with using the demographic argument. The reality is that final salary pensions can be funded if there is the political will there to do it. 3.5 million public sector workers are in the Local Government Pension Scheme, which is well funded. A sustainable settlement for this scheme was agreed by the previous government in 2006.

2. The savage £81 billion worth of cuts are not designed to help our economy. They are ideologically driven, with the intention of destroying the welfare state and privatising public services, to the detriment of all except the very richest in our society. Under cover of the shock of the financial crisis, which they caused, capitalists are attempting to undo a century of progress for ordinary people.

3. Public and private sector workers must reject the attempts by this class war neo-liberal government and its supporters to divide them.There has been a concerted and effective campaign by the political right and its cheerleaders in the media to implement austerity by dividing public and private sector workers. If you are a private sector worker you should be supporting decent pensions for all - not expecting public sector workers to have their pensions destroyed as well.

4. This is a weak government with a weak argument for cutting pension benefits. Cameron and co. really do fear that the strikes could get up a momentum and majority public support. If this happens they are deep trouble.

I hope to see you at one of the protests next week. Not sure where I'll be yet but I'll probably be in Chester, solidarity!

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