Saturday, 17 May 2008

You just don't get it do you....

I'm writing this whilst listening to The Week in Westminster on Radio 4. Two Labour MPs discussing Labour's problems, and Gordon Brown's performance, show just out of touch they are with reality. They think that the voters are angry about the 10p tax rate debacle - and they are - but this is just a symptom of their complete disillusionment with New Labour. Call it New Labour's poll tax moment if you like. It means that Gordon cannot win the next election. He has to go if Labour are to have a chance. Not only does he have to go but New Labour has to go with him.......and the new leader of the Labour Party will have to return to Labour values.

This is confirmed by the fact that Alastair Darling's 10p tax fix has had no impact. Voters see it for what it is - a cynical temporary measure. If he had taken the £2.7 billion in a windfall tax on the energy companies, or raising taxes on the rich - now that would have made a difference.........that would have been Labour.

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