Wednesday, 18 June 2008

And God created.......homosexuals

If you believe in God, and that God is our creator, you must also accept that God created homosexuals. New research has shown that homosexuals are born homosexual. Its not something they grow into, or some kind of lifestyle choice. They are made that way. So that must be what God, the great designer, intended, mustn't it?

As an atheist and a biologist I've never had any doubts that people are born gay and that being gay is natural, not some sort of abberation. Because I'm not encumbered with the baggage of the abrahamic religions, its not difficult for me to see that homosexuality is just part of natural diversity, a thing that you might expect to happen as part of evolutionary development.

Something tells me however, that no amount of research will ever convince many religious people of this fact. That is not because they are christians, jews or musllims but because they are bigots.

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