Thursday, 12 June 2008

The silence of the lambs

Compass, the group chaired by Neal Lawson claims to provide 'direction for the democratic left'. Neal recently wrote an article which was published in the Guardian. Here's an extract:

"Since 1979 Britain has lived in a Neverland of market fundamentalism that New Labour has mostly failed to challenge and too often sought to embed. From being the problem that social democracy existed to correct, markets were regarded as the cure-all."

Now I wouldn't disagree with this though I might have put it differently. But the issue that it raises is an important one. What have Neal and his fellow Compass Labour MPs been doing for the past 11 years? Why is it that only now when the New Labour project is unraveling that we hear from them?

The reality is that Neal and co. have have been sitting on their hands while Blair and Brown have been imposing reactionary free-market policies such as the privatisation of education and the NHS on the country. Its a bit late to start bleating about it now isn't it Neal! How can anyone who opposes New Labour and their policies take Compass seriously?

As a footnote - Compass are holding a conference today in London. I note that the attendees are the usual suspects - the London set of 'leftwing' luvvies - do they ever leave the capital and try to engage with the rest of us? - and features such well known lefties as Ed Milliband, Harriet Harman and James Purnell. So thats all right then. Our problems will be sorted.........

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