Sunday, 10 August 2008

The end of deference?

As an avid grazer of the internet blog scene, one of the things that really cheers me up amongst all the angst about climate change, the credit crunch etc - is the fact that, politically, we have really got to the end of deference - at last!

The internet is to blame for this. Of course there are plenty of loonies out there, but there is also shed loads of intelligent comment if you choose to look for it. We have suddenly realised through this global community, what we always knew anyway, that the people who run society are usually no better than the rest of us.

Yes, its not just Gordon that is flawed but Vladimir, Barack, Nicolas, Hu, and Andrea. You see, they are just people like us, and some of us might just be better at running things than they are. Or could we run things better for ourselves?

So, now that we know, why should we leave it up to Gordon to decide for us? He is clearly cocking it up on climate change and peak oil - which I mention because they are our pre-eminent global problems.

What do you do in a 'democratic' society when you know that the people running things are taking you to hell in a handcart by failing to tackle these issues? Wait five years, or even eighteen months, for an election?

I don't think so. You do what people have done in the past - you have a revolution. But that's illegal isn't it? Well yes - but that isn't going to matter much longer - despite all the anti terror legislation. Because if what we are being told about climate change is true (see 100 months - below) - we're looking at the breakdown of society in the UK, and that will mean the collapse of the British state anyway. So the sooner we start the better - right?

The revolution we need is one which is going to enable us to make a transition to the post-oil world. And we need to start it now.

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debtcontrolman said...

The problems are certainly there as you say. But like a politician ;-) you are looking at headline grabbing instead of the hard graft answers.

Any revolution, any reorganising of a structure, merely creates a new set of problems. Gordon has done this repeatedly to our NHS to hide privatisation by stealth - which is why it is not in good health itself.

Capitalism is not a specific system but an umbrella term for anything that has aided and ushered the industrial revolution [remember how terrible that was for most poor people in the first century].

What you rightly rail against is corpocracy, the system let in by Thatcher and Reagan and massaged forward by all following Presidents, Prime Ministers and finance ministers. The right approach is to tighten controls and have proper regulation.

Dear Gordon almost destroyed out finance regulatory system by splitting regulation when he gave the Bank of England 'independence'. A classic three-card trick of diverting attention.

With the very serious economic downturn we are now entering there is an opportunity to reinstall proper regulatory law and process. Exactly what was done after The Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression.

Joseph Harris