Sunday, 12 October 2008

My week

I've always been slightly bemused by commentators who seem to think if I'm blogging I'm wasting valuable time during which I should be actively changing the world. I've been accused of being an (self-confessed!) armchair middle class socialist and far worse. Karen invited me to attend a Manchester Rally on Thursday. I couldn't make it. Why? Because I wanted a night off. I fulfilled all the other commitments which I already had planned.

On Monday night I went to a local climate change action group meeting; Tuesday night was my regular weekly music lesson; On Wednesday I was in Bristol on business and Friday I traveled to Bradford for a weekend Unison seminar, from which I returned on Sunday morning. Only on Thursday night did I spend anytime in my well padded self indulgent socialist armchair. While all this was going on I was working to try and get West Cheshire Green Party off the ground.

Will this be enough to appease the critics? I doubt it. If you want to know, I didn't find the seminar very inspiring. But I did find a great pub - the Shoulder of Mutton - its Sam Smiths, has great organic lager and a lovely pint of bitter for just £1.47. So the trip was worthwhile. How was your week?


Anonymous said...

My week was busy too....lot of travel, lot of talking to people, lot of trying to influence people to see the bigger picture re the economy. With my job, our house and our family to manage too.

Your blog usually shows a high level of consideration of the big issues and to be that of a well-read blogger. Apart from when you drop a post like this on!

Working nights and attending a Unison seminar for a weeknd "break"? Busy man! I'd love to know what they had you doing all weekend (esp as it was so uninspiring!) as a union should know your weekends are precious down-time.....

I hope that's a good, comfy armchair; I think you need a good rest in it tonight. Chill out a bit....


Jezza said...

Am new this, but in amongst my googling I found it, with a funny little post in the middle of an anti-capitalist blog!

Def right; you're a busy man. I live in Weaverham and def interested in getting an insight into Green politcs. I'll have a look into this especially as youre trying to get a local group going.

Anonymous said...

My week was better than yours!


Howard Thorp said...


West Cheshire GP is meeting at the Old Harkers Arms, City Road Chester on Monday 20th October at 7.30pm