Thursday, 13 August 2009

As freedoms for capitalists increase we get more restrictions

The 'free' market is getting freer. With de-regulation for businesses still going full steam ahead the freedoms of citizens are narrowing. New Labour have introduced over 3000 new offences since 1997. We have ID cards and a plethora of 'ant-terrorist' legislation including more restrictions on the the right of assembly. Even peaceful greens can't get together for a summer festival.

But we are constantly being told that there are too many restrictions on business. That business is being strangled by red tape. Pity the government doesn't take the same view with its citizens (er... we're all subjects really). As the effects of de-regulation, privatisation and the banker's recession take hold we can expect more criminality. Poverty will increase as capitalists try to maintain profits. Unemployment will rise. The government will have to manage greater discontent, not least about the rotten state of our democracy.

Fortunately for the next government New Labour have put in place the restrictive apparatus to criminalise and contain dissent. Is this a co-incidence? I don't think so. With reactionary governments who feel comfortable about the filthy rich, and greater inequality we will see more discontent. The powers are in place to ensure that the discontent can be contained.

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Anonymous said...

Subjects? Yes. But we are not subjects of the government - we live in a monarchy, so today we are subjects of a queen.