Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Privatisation of the Royal Mail is a con

We are being told that privatisation or part privatisation of the Royal Mail will make it more efficient and provide us with a better service. Apparently private sector companies can move in and give us all a better deal.

This is nonsense. Private sector companies have only made inroads into deliveries in the UK because the government has forced Royal Mail to allow them to cherry pick the most profitable parts of its business. That is one reason why it has problems. A while ago had a parcel delivered by TNT. I had to go and collect it because I wasn't in at the time. Instead of going to my local post office - 2 miles away - I had to travel to a bleak industrial estate 16 miles away. It looked like it was situated in crack alley - I didn't feel safe even though it was the middle of the day. The building was an anonymous fortress with an intercom - no one on 'reception'. When I was eventually, reluctantly, admitted I noticed that most of the notices on the walls were in Polish.

What this means is that these companies employ anyone they can get their hands on - at minimum wage rates. Can anyone explain how this 'efficiency' is better for me or workers in the postal industry? It isn't. Its naked exploitation of working people so that the shareholders can rake in the profits.

Give me Royal Mail as a public service anyday with postal workers paid a decent wage. Privatisation is a con. Neither the customers or the postal workers are better off. The only people who benefit are the rich - surprise, surprise. Customers and workers are being shafted. The Royal Mail should be run as a public service, publicly delivered. That is good value for customers and that is what most of us want.

Support the postal workers and public services!

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