Thursday, 26 August 2010

Obsbourne's budget has been rumbled

According to the Institute of Fiscal studies (IFS) the government's 'emergency' budget is regressive. That means it is unfair. It hit's the poorest people hardest. The ConDem government tried to claim that it was progressive - which means it would be fair - by putting the greatest burden on those most able to afford it. Nick Clegg's claims that the IFS didn't look at the whole picture, and that the budget is progressive rings very hollow. Clegg claims that the aim is to get people off benefits and into jobs - but what jobs? Unemployment is about to increase by about 1.3 million.

In my last post I predicted that this budget would hit the poorest hardest. Not difficult given that there are to be swinging cuts in public services and welfare benefits, which the poorest rely upon most. I've also put the case for an alternative budget which would actually make the poorest better off and create a million jobs.

There is an alternative to this politically motivated rush to reduce the deficit. We need to put pressure on this government to change course, and break up the coalition if we can. There is still hope to stave off the economic crash we're headed for. If you want to find out how you can help visit the Coalition of Resistance's website by following this link.

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