Thursday, 7 October 2010

The ConDem government is 'ethnically cleansing' the poor

I guess most people have heard about ethnic cleansing. This is the process by which people of another race or nationality have been forced out their homes and made to move across borders. This happened in the recent conflicts in the Balkans, including Kosovo, where the Serbs attacked ethnic Albanians forcing them out of the country. The Serbs used extreme violence including murder and rape to achieve their ends.

I'm not suggesting that the government is about to start murdering and raping the poor but they are happy to use a form of economic violence to force them out of their homes - call it social cleansing if your prefer. The recently announced cap on housing benefit of £400 p.w. will mean that thousands of poor people will have to move out of London. These are not benefit scroungers living in mansions but working families on pitifully low incomes who live in flats with high rents. When they have been driven out of central London it will become a ghetto for the rich.

Where are these people going to go? If you listen to the idiots who post comments on CiF you would think that all they had to do was move to a cheaper house! What house? There is already a housing shortage in this country. The reality is that thousands are going to be made homeless, and when they become homeless they will lose the meagre jobs they had. This policy is going to create a social catastrophe, the like of which we haven't seen since the 1930s.

As if this wasn't enough I hear on the Today programme this morning that the ConDem government wants poor families to have fewer children. The culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, said that the state shouldn't support "large families". So that's it then? Only the rich should breed? Where have I heard something similar before? It was in Nazi Germany in the 1930's. There the scapegoats for economic failure were the Jews and the homosexuals. In 2010 in Britain it's the poor who are becoming scapegoats for the failures of the 'free' market.


Anonymous said...

Housing Benefit is the way the rich 'buy-to-let' lot raid the welfare budget.

Some Greens have called for child benefit only to be given to the first two children of any family

leonora said...

Mind you, won't the rich need some of us to stay around to clean their homes and look after their kids?