Saturday, 30 June 2012

Talking about a revolution!

Did you know there was a revolution going on? If you had been watching and reading the corporate media you might have got some inkling but hardly the full picture. But lets look at some of the examples; the Arab Spring; Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Bahrain, and even Saudi Arabia; Occupy in the USA; Protests in Russia; in Greece with SYRIZA; and in Spain, Italy, Ireland and the UK; Massive student protests in Chile and Canada. Many of these protests have been ignored by the media but this is a real revolution, and it is happening before our eyes if we care to look for it.

There is a revolution going on!

Why is this happening? - it is because the mass of ordinary people globally are sick and tired of  poverty, unemployment, and the cosy neoliberal stitch-up between commercial interests and tame 'free' market fundamentalist politicians and economists, which is destroying our economies and the planet. In our own small way, as individuals, we are all part of this revolution, but we need to come together as part of a wider international movement which can throw-off the sham democracies we live in, and bring about real and lasting change.That change must include democratic control of our economies and decent housing, healthcare, jobs and education for all.

In the UK, we have the "let them eat cake" politics of David Cameron, his banker friends, and his rotten, discredited Coalition government. In the USA, we have a battle between Obama and Romney, the former is marginally less bad than the latter but both are corporate creatures, dependent on big money to get elected. In Europe, we have Merkel and the sterile dead end of austerity, designed to protect the banks at the expense of the European taxpayers. People have had enough!

It is time for radical democratic change,  and the only way that change can happen is for people to channel their anger and throw off their apathy with the 'system', take to the streets, protest, and vote for parties that can bring about that change. The people of Egypt have shown us the way. In the UK, the Green Party is the only mainstream party which opposes the neoliberal paradigm and has the policies to make the breakthrough that people want. But the Party can only do that if it maintains its radical edge, engages with and works with the wider movement, and campaigns hard for change. Simply seeking electoral success is not enough. To make that breakthrough, we need to demonstrate that we are serious about the changes people want, and we must be able to take them with us. In Romayne Phoenix and Will Duckworth I think we have two leadership candidates for the Green Party who can accomplish that task.

Footnote: I will give my detailed views about the Green Party leadership contest in a later post.

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Alec said...

I read Peter Cranie's (GP leadership contestant) leaflet for Riverside today...the only thing he was going to challenge was 30mph zones in Dingle...revolution here we come! Unfortunatly i think hes gonna win the GP contest.