Wednesday, 11 March 2009

One Law for All - Stop Sharia Law in the UK

On 7th March a rally was held in London to protest against the creeping adoption of sharia law in the UK. Sharia law is reactionary, regressive and misogynistic. At its extremes it can lead to people being stoned to death or executed. Proponents of sharia such as Rowan Williams the Archbishop of Canterbury have claimed that sharia should be used for the settlement of civil matters and our anti-secular government is sympathetic to this idea thinking that it will improve social cohesion. This is totally misguided.

It is unacceptable to have a parallel legal system, overseen by sham courts, which will deny UK citizens their basic human rights. The adoption of sharia is merely pandering to extreme political Islam. At the rally A C Grayling said -

'Once you start fragmenting society, once you start allowing different groups in society to apply different standards, you get very profound injustices and it is almost always women who suffer these injustices. We have to fight hard to keep one law for everybody.'

And he is absolutely right. If you want to find out more and help stamp out this injustice visit the One Law for All website by following this link. Complacency is not an option.


Anonymous said...

I read about this rally in the paper - did you attend? I just wondered how those on the rally hoped to change the situation, as I would have thought dedicated lobbying of key parties would work better? Not claiming to be an expert, I hope you realise, but I jst wondered why the rally?

Tony W

Howard Thorp said...

I'd have loved to have attended but i live and work in Cheshire so its not that easy to get to all these London demos.

The rally attracted publicity and brought the issue to more people's attention.

Obviously I'm publicising it here because i think its important.

I'd prefer not to spend my time blogging about religion but it keeps rearing its ugly head.